All orders received (online/ Instagram) before 12pm, it will be processed after 1 working day. The shipping duration will be effectively 1 to 2 weeks for Singapore orders.

Customers will receive an email, our courier will be effective in the delivery after the shipping duration and 24 hours real time, upon collection by our courier.


For overseas shipment, a tracking article will be sent to you via email once the job is fulfilled in Singapore. The first email is invalid as it is attached to our courier services based in Singapore only.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, as the post is via a 3rd party service. Please check with your local courier for delivery updates/changes/arrangements. Nitty Gritty will not be liable for any lost mails/ arrangements for delivery upon any failed attempt.


For orders to arrive before Chinese New Year, order before 14th January 2022. For orders placed between 15-17th after January 2022, Nitty Gritty will do our best to ensure you will receive your order before Chinese New Year.

For any order thereafter 18th January 2022, it will be delivered after the festive period as our courier will be closed during the period.

*Note: shipping duration will be extended during public holidays, please only place the order if you are comfortable.


We provide proof of delivery with photos of the parcel attached to the receiver’s door unit number. If you have received your second email, please let us know if you have any special instructions for your parcel. After delivery, Nitty Gritty is not responsible and/or liable for any parcel stolen. Please lodge your own report in any of such situation.


DHL worldwide shipping will be coming soon.